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Aloha. I am a small businessman and started my business when I was fourteen years old and have passed it on to my son who still runs it today. This family business has evolved into a hybrid turf grass farm and erosion control company which is part of my small farm in Waimanalo. I have also been a veteran financial advisor for MassMutual Financial Group for almost 30 years. In addition to my regular farming and financial advising I have had the honor and privilege of representing Windward Oʻahu District 51 for three terms in the Hawaii State legislature. 

During my young adult years, I lived in Japan as a foreign exchange student. I joined the United States Army, eventually being promoted to Captain and was stationed in Europe. My great grandfather, Frank Davey, was a well known photographer who served the royalty in the Hawaiian Kingdom in the late 1800’s. 

Growing up with a Republican dad and a Democrat mom made dinners and other occasions quite interesting. Because of this I have learned the importance of bipartisanship and making decisions based on facts, values, and principles rather than on emotion and pressure from others.

As a constitutional and fiscal conservative, I believe that individuals, not government, are best at bringing solutions and creating opportunity.  The most serious threats to the security of our nation today are not external, but internal such as: the ever increasing national debt, uncontrolled spending, and government’s deliberate intrusion of our privacy and numerous violations of our rights and freedoms granted in the United States Constitution.

When our nation was founded there were only two laws in the constitution that were given to the federal government. Now there are over four thousand federal laws and an ever growing federal government that usurps Hawaii and other State’s rights. 

Our government must operate its financial house like its citizens run their family budgets not like drunken sailors (no offense to the sailors). Families are balanced and spend responsibly within their means, so should our government.

I believe that if our government is to be a government “by the people, for the people,” the public interest is best served when government transparency is made an absolute priority in matters of government financial activity.

Without an immediate and dramatic change of course in our nation, our children will not have a bright, successful, prosperous future.

The government is responsible to its citizens—not the other way around.  And National defense issues require peacemaking through strength and might of a highly trained military and humility coupled with pragmatism.

Educational excellence springs from locally motivated leadership–not from Washington.

All my seasoned years of experience has provided me with the necessary tools for leading and writing law with common sense. My experience abroad has given me the awareness and respect for cross-cultural relations which ultimately helps me lead effectively in the modern globalized world.


Campaign 2014 

Aug 12, 2014

Big Island Trip


Joseph Wirtz and his wife Ann and son Martin in front of their home just barely missed by huge tree. They told of the fearful sounds of winds and the booming approach Of breaking trees.


One of the residential crews Cam visited w cleaning storm damaged debris.


Aug 9, 2014

 Primary Victory!



We want to sincerely thank and share our deep gratitude to the 25,000+ supporters that took the time and effort to get out and vote for Cam Cavasso in the primary.

Thank you very much, mahalo nui loa!


Aug 2, 2014

State Canoe Races

Cam Cavasso greeting canoe paddlers from all over the state. Welcome paddlers!

 canoe1.jpg canoe2.jpg



 Aug 1, 2014

Hawaii Housing Needs

Cam Cavasso and Rick Stack met to discuss the housing needs of Hawaii. 




 July 29, 2014

Read this heartwarming comment posted by Natasha.

When I was a Junior at Kamehameha (1986), I lived in Waimanalo. My younger siblings all attended Waimanalo Elementary & Intermediate. 

Anyways, my English Writing Teacher gave us an assignment to write to government officials at all levels. The most memorable people I wrote to was Nancy Reagan and Cam Cavasso. Why? Because they actually responded to my letters! I wrote to Mrs. Reagan about her "Just Say No" program and I received an letter of response on official White House stationary-pretty cool, I thought.

I also received a letter of response from Cam Cavasso BUT what blew my mind was the ACTION he took after receiving my letter.

You see, I wrote to him about how bad I felt for the students of Waimanalo Elementary & Intermediate. I would pass their campus every morning to school and every afternoon on my way back home. The entire campus had brown, overgrown grass and paint peeling off the walls. I felt guilty about having a beautiful school when my siblings didn't.

Well, about a month later, I totally forgot my letter when my little sister came home and announced to our whole family that there were all these improvements being done at their school because someone had written a letter to Cam Cavasso!!!
I was like, "THAT WAS ME!!!" Of course, no one believed me until I showed them my letter of response from Cam. 

Because of this, I have always had the deepest respect for Cam Cavasso. I mean, at the time that I wrote the letter, I was only 17 years old-I couldn't vote for him, I couldn't donate money to support his campaign. Heck! I don't even remember if it was an election year or not. 

All I knew was Cam Cavasso listened to and genuinely cared about my concern. He put his money where his mouth was! And, TRUST ME, now that I DO vote, I'm voting for Cam!!!



July 28, 2014

Cam Cavasso -U.S. Senate  (East Hawaii Coalition Questionnaire)

1. What is your stand on the Same-sex marriage and why?

Opposed. I support Traditional Marriage as the union between one man and one woman. God created male and female as the bases for a family. It is a sacred union and foundation to raise up children as a mother and father.

2. What is your stand on Abortion and why?

Opposed. I am prolife. Abortion is the taking of an unborn child’s life—a unique and individual life. It is the government’s responsibility to protect innocent life. Abortion should not be permitted except to save the life of a mother. I will vote to confirm judicial nominees that uphold the sanctity of life.

3. What is your stand on Physician assisted Suicide and why?

Opposed. Healing and saving lives has always been the focus of medicine in America. The Hippocratic oath, which all physicians used to swear to, said they would not administer abortifacient nor take life. Physician assisted suicide is a perversion of the doctor’s sacred role and should remain illegal.

4. What is your stand on Gambling and why?

Opposed. Gambling has destroyed many families and individuals. It is addictive for many and damaging to society. We should be encouraging self-initiative and lifting people up rather than leaning on chance.

5. What is your stand on the legalization of marijuana and why?

Opposed. Marijuana, termed a gateway drug, tends to lead to other drug use and addiction. I believe Marijuana use discourages initiative, negatively influences individual judgment, and is hurtful to families, individuals and commerce.

6. What are your thoughts on Pono Choices?

Opposed. Pono choice is one of the worst attacks on our children, families and educational system I have ever witnessed. The content is completely inappropriate for the age of its target group (11-14 year old children). Every resource available should be brought to bear to halt this program and its links. The robbery of this wonderful word "Pono", which means righteous (as in our State motto), is grievous. It has been used to camouflage a child destroying program, which is being forced down our educational system, against parents wills, by the Federal Government, in alliance with Governor Abercrombie.

7. What are the three greatest things that you feel you can accomplish as a US Senator?

1) Protect and strengthen the family by protecting religious, educational and economic liberty; restoring control of our education system to parents, teachers and local administrators and away from the Federal Government; defending freedom of speech and adherence to our US Constitution and Bill and Rights.

2) Reduce our cost of living in Hawaii by obtaining a U.S. ship-build exemption to reduce freight costs; simplifying the tax code; expediting tourist visas to strengthen tourism; reducing federal regulations on businesses and homeowners; encouraging companies and businesses to base themselves in Hawaii.

3) Maintain a strong defense and military presence in Hawaii by supporting our military families and servicemen and women in Hawaii and overseas; maintaining the funding for a strong US Military--particularly in our central location in the middle of the Pacific; respecting, honoring and caring for our Veterans and wounded in a timely manner.

8. Why do you want to run for U.S. Senate?

I am called to serve and make a difference in our state and nation. My service started from my youth as student body president at Kailua High and also in ROTC. I went on to serve as a U.S. Army Captain. I started my own business at the age of 14, which continues to run today. I served for three consecutive terms in the State Legislature and have been a financial advisor for 29 years. I have watched the state of our nation worsen. For the sake of generations to come we need new leadership to steer our nation back from its destructive course. I have been an outrigger canoe steersman from my youth and I will be that steersman for Hawaii and the nation.

I bring to the seat a free enterprise, entrepreneurial value system built on the traditions that made Hawaii and America strong and prosperous. I stand for the individual freedoms, family-centrist values, limited government, and freedom to speak and practice our individual religions. I will fight for economic and educational rights without government intrusion or domination. I want the people of Hawaii to be free and prosperous with a superior education system, strong families, and a tech and tourist economy that grows Hawaii. I will bring Aloha and the perspective and experience of a Steersman for Hawaii to the U.S. Senate. I cannot do it alone and I am asking for your vote and support.

— with Cam Cavasso and Tula Cavasso.



July 22, 2014

Cam Cavasso Interview - On K5 The Home Team

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -Republican candidate Cam Cavasso who is running for the U.S. Senate for the third time, says that if elected, he wants to deregulate Hawaii's shipping industry.

"Right now, Hawaiian Airlines can purchase their..."

Click here to see the video on the K5 website.




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