“A rising tide lifts all boats.” 

As US Senator I will work to grow our economy and bring increased prosperity to our Hawaii by opening and expanding opportunity in I.T. ( internet communication technology), military support, and shipping based commerce while maintaining and growing tourism. I will work to bring job creators to Hawaii such as Microsoft, IBM, Apple, Google, Hewlett Packard to create jobs and opportunities that will allow our young people to stay in our Islands and continue to be part of the wonderful lifestyle that is Hawaii instead of being  forced to move elsewhere. I will ensure these young people grow up, excel and prosper here in Hawaii. 

Our central Pacific location is key to communication technology and military defense. The fiber optic networks for a great part of the world transit through Hawaii and satellite communications from here can reach all of the Pacific, Asia, and even into Israel, Europe and the Middle East.  I will work to help Oceanic and other existing networks expand even beyond our Pacific base.  I will work to bring these clean industries to our Hawaii with higher paying jobs and diversified skilled opportunities as was done in India, Singapore, Israel, Ohio and Texas where their economies expanded due to their success. 

I will work to maintain a strong military defense and swift mobile ability is strategically key between the Mainland  and Asia from our forward Pacific location.  My brother, a successful Realtor, has always reminded me that location is everything, and Hawaii is in the best location. This is true for our Army, Navy, Marines, National Guard and Coast Guard.  Our military is our nation’s security in a rapidly changing world and a welcome key part of our economy.  I will diligently work to welcome, enhance, and secure their inclusion in our Island lives. 

I will work from our nation's capital to strengthen tourism from Japan and North America to maintain and grow this natural economic foundation.  I will joyfully trumpet our positive Aloha Hawaiian style cultural influence in the world.  I will support Quality Tourism with special visa support for Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan.  I will invite leading Medical, Educational,  Health and Wellness lifestyles, and sports related job creating businesses and entrepreneurships to base in Hawaii and complement our unique tourism industry. 

I will work to expand our place in the shipping industry. We have the resources, people, skills and ability to make Hawaii a key center of commerce through shipping for the entire Pacific.  Singapore created a shipping industry second to none in a short time on one small Island.  Together, we in Hawaii, can follow their example and set a greater and more prosperous economy for all our people.

A rising tide lifts all boats.  I will strive to open and grow our opportunity in technology, communication, military, diversified tourism, and shipping based commerce so our level of income and prosperity will grow and expand for all of Hawaii while simultaneously creating a plethora of new jobs. I will enthusiastically encourage entrepreneurship, job creators, and bold innovation. 


“We perish for lack of knowledge.”

Harry Murai was my favorite teacher at Kailua High School; Mrs Char my favorite in elementary school and Jack Michaels my favorite as an adult. I am thankful for teachers and their influence in my life.  Dedicated teachers are gifts to us and I am grateful.  It is good to recognize and promote those with teaching skills and those administrators with the heart to serve. These are no easy jobs in today's challenging times.

Our Childrens education determines the future of our Hawaii and the Nation and I will work to ensure that parents be the ones who ultimately determine their child's education, not government bureaucrats. I will fight to ensure parental involvement in education is priority. Second to parents are the teachers and principals, followed by community leaders’ decision-making involvement in our education decisions. As US Senator I will defend Hawaii’s right to set our own education course without Federal Intervention and will send Hawaii all the support I can to defend that right. 

I will encourage choice and competition as among the best ways to make our educational system great yet again. As iron sharpens iron, our educational opportunities and systems should be encouraged to compete and be the best.  Public, private, charter, online, and home school options should all be given consideration. Becoming the best means competing and earning it. Like an olympic gold medalist earns it.

I will always encourage  and guard the parental right to involvement and full understanding of their child’s education system. Parental involvement, teacher incentives, and performance based promotion and retention of teachers should be encouraged and welcomed. Parents and teachers as well as  local leaders should set the direction, objectives, and standards for our schools and education. It should not be left up to government, bureaucrats or power politicians way off in Washington D.C. I will fight to return that privilege and responsibility back to Hawaii. 

I oppose, and as a US Senator, and will fight to stop the deceptive forcing of Federal actions such as with “Common Core Standard” education on the States by the Federal Government, in Hawaii’s case miss-called “Pono Choice”.  It is an emotional, inappropriate and abusive assault on our young children causing depression and confusion (as young as age 11); it is a demonstration of contempt for parents and a violation of their relationship with their children; and it is a dishonor and inappropriate abusive demand on teachers and principals dedicated to teaching true and enduring educational skills and knowledge to their precious student.

At the the University level I will stand for the right and responsibility of our universities to compete with technological online opportunities and on site teaching without the intervention of Federal Government finance controls and curriculum. I will oppose anti-freedom monopolies which drive up the cost of education beyond reason, which in turn leave families and students in debt for years and years into the future.

As a US Senator I will stand for the freedom of conscience and the free exchange of ideas, visions, and beliefs among all our people, from children to grandparent.  I prize continuous learning as a God given Hawaiian / American right and responsibility.  Knowledge and the wisdom to apply that understanding are necessary for the survival of our Republic.



Our people want a simple, just process that allows time and energy to do what they are absolutely best at--creating a vibrant economy with strong stable families that create prosperity and legacy for those that follow.

A simple, fair, flat tax is the way to go!  Our entire nation should benefit from and share in responsibility for our defense, transportation, common provisions, government personnel, and administration. We work together, commute together, play together and are united together under one nation. Everyone should share the same tax rate together. The IRS system, with its thousand pages of code and use for social engineering, should be cut. 

Our people, entrepreneurs, and businesses need to be free from this current time-wasting, energy-burning system so we can create a prosperous future together.

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